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We appreciate all the kind remarks and suggestions from the many medical students over the past 3 years. Your positive reception has been an incredible encouragement, especially in light of the short life of the Case Files® series. In this third edition of Case Files®: Neurology, the basic format of the book has been retained. Improvements were made in updating many of the chapters. The new case includes NMDA receptor encephalitis, paraneoplastic effects, and spinal muscular atrophy type 1; a new section of Review Questions at the end of the book has been included. We reviewed the clinical scenarios with the intent of improving them; however, their "real-life" presentations patterned after actual clinical experience were accurate and instructive. The multiple choice questions have been carefully reviewed and rewritten to ensure that they comply with the National Board and USMLE format. Through this third edition, we hope that the reader will continue to enjoy learning diagnosis and management through the simulated clinical cases. It certainly is a privilege to be teachers for so many students, and it is with humility that we present this edition.